Good Hair Day

“Because I’m worth it”


Yesterday morning, the postman rang the bell violently and tore me away from the realm of nonsensical fantasies rushing through the rapid eye movements of my slumber, the horrible sonic assault jolting my consciousness into awareness. To find this:

Good Hair Day

I did not expect this. But the cries of my soul have been answered. My deepest cosmetic needs are fulfilled. I can now go out of the house with confidence, my self-esteem and self-worth fully restored. Because I’m worth it – and you are, too! (Thx Luki!)



  1. What a surprise to read this blog entry. You made my day, I’m a huge fan of your blog. Hope the Gel will last until a) you come back to Switzerland 🙂 b) you have to do your military service and get your hair cut very short :-(.

  2. What’s up looking good bro ~!
    ^^ I made my own account in
    And I posted your blof address on the streamchurch cyworld club board. I believe some people will visit here. That means your blog gonna be one of the populist blog among others.
    I think it is great ‘honor’ to know you and your blog will make me understand you deeply.
    In my blog, there is nothing. As you know I usually use cyworld, so this site is little bit unfamiliar to me. But I am a fast learner, that feeling won’t go for long.
    Ok~ good night and good luck with your ‘physical health check for going Army’.

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